EA Mini Golf

  • EA Mini Golf

    iPod Click Wheel

    Putt your way through three themed courses full of hazardous obstacles and secret shortcuts – there’s a tropical tiki paradise, ancient Egyptian lands, and a freaky circus sideshow. Use a simple interface to move the camera around and aim for that perfect shot, played out using realistic physics. Watch the ball wind down spiraling slopes, escape the windmill’s blade, and drop into the hole. Play alone or challenge a friend.


    Project Info

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    Pocket Gamer Silver Award “Silly putting comes to your iPod, and scores a hole in one!

    Apple has clearly been picking its launch iPod games with care, and Mini Golf is quite possibly the pick of the bunch. It’s simple, fun, and works really well with the iPod’s controls. If you’re curious about this iPod gaming lark, Mini Golf makes an excellent first purchase.”

    – Pocket Gamer SILVER AWARD 8/10

    Game Features

    ✔ Putt your way through courses full of hazardous obstacles and secret shortcuts
    ✔ Unlock new, challenging courses (Tropical Tiki, Ancient Egypt, and Freaky Circus Sideshow)
    ✔ 3 game modes (Single Player, Pass N’ Play, Practice Hole)


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