ChuChu Rocket!

  • ChuChu Rocket!

    The cult-classic Dreamcast puzzle game is back with over 440 puzzles and frantic 1 to 4 player multiplayer action.


    Project Info

    10 years ago, a cute group of ChuChu’s invaded the hearts and minds of gamers as they looked for an escape plan away from the evil KapuKapus into their cozy rocket ships. Now, you get to re-live the glory days of frantic puzzle fun on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

    Help the ChuChus escape the evil KapuKapus in 444 puzzles spread between Normal, Hard, Special, and Mania difficulty levels

    Play free-for-all or in team battle as frantic action ensues across 25 intense multiplayer levels as up to 4 players battle it out via bluetooth or wi-fi. Full online multiplayer support via GameCenter: invite your friends or play against random players!

    Beginner and expert ChuChu’s alike can enjoy cheese-erific game modes including Puzzle, Challenge, and Multiplayer Battle

    If you thought ChuChu multiplayer was insane before, wait until you try it on the iPad featuring 4 player on a single iPad. Push, shove, and flick your way to victory!

    ChuChu Rocket! – iPhone/iPod touch

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    ChuChu Rocket! HD – iPad

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    ChuChu Rocket! – Android

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    IGN Editor's Choice
    Gathering up four friends for a manic game of Chu Chu Rocket is a cherished gaming memory. The version of Chu Chu Rocket I was able to play today at SEGA’s offices pretty much matched up with those memories. – IGN Editor’s Choice Award

    TouchGen Editor's Choice
    The gameplay shines through in this oldie but a goodie from SEGA’s Sonic Team

    – ToughGen Editor’s Choice Award

    Slide-To-Play Must Have
    There’s a reason ChuChu Rocket is a classic, and this port shows why. – Slide-To-Play

    Pocket Gamer Bronze Award
    Chu Chu Rocket will command attention by virtue of being different from the steady string match-three puzzlers and its multiplayer push. Even though it can’t claim innovation as a port of an older title, there’s still a sense of freshness and certainly an appeal about this game of cat and mouse. – Pocket Gamer Bronze Award

    ChuChu Rocket! was a total blast when I had a chance to play it today, and it makes me sad that I never tried out this title almost a decade ago. It seems like a perfect fit for the iPhone, with all of the original levels reworked to be touch screen friendly – Touch Arcade


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