Boondock Saints

  • Boondock Saints Mobile Game

    Boondock Saints Mobile Game released on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!

    From the creators of the cult movie franchise, the Boondock Saints brings the same explosive action and attitude millions of fans around the world love.

    Unleash the ferocious skills of the brothers McManus in a unique top-down shooter created specifically to take advantage of the iPhone and iPad platforms.

    Experience an exclusive Boondock Saints story created only for this game…


    Project Info

    Bringing the same explosive action and attitude that fueled the iconic, cult-classic movie, players will unleash the deadly skills of the brothers MacManus in this unique top-down shooter game, experiencing an exclusive Boondock Saints story created just for this game.

    Play as Connor or Murphy with special appearances from familiar faces from the movies while on a righteous mission of revenge. A wide range of weapons are at your disposal, including Molotov cocktails and stun grenades to take out determined foes.

    As you progress through the game, tattoos are placed on the brothers to mark completed missions. On the walls of the tattoo parlor are links to Facebook, Twitter and Open Feint where players can track achievements and communicate with friends. In addition, scenes from the films will be available on the iPad.

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