Binary Hammer Announces polyhedra XL for the Apple iPad

Binary Hammer, LLC, a recent Samsung/Handmark Global Venture Funding recipient, in a joint effort with Javira, today announced their intent to develop polyhedra XL for the Apple iPad.

Once again Binary Hammer, LLC and Javira join forces to bring their iPhone game polyhedranominated for several gaming awards – to the Apple iPad in a new and expanded version, polyhedra XL.

New features include:

4 new Zones: triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, and diamonds. Each one with its own newly-composed soundtrack.

New gameplay features such as reverse- and zero gravity, and obstacles give the players a real challenge!

Graphical enhancements like particles and colored gems are also planned.

“We are thrilled to include the iPad in our future plans,” said Bob Koon, President and Tech. Director for Binary Hammer. “The extra-large screen of the iPad and bright, vivid colors of polyhedra make it an excellent way to bring the challenging, physics-based experience to more people. We have found an excellent partner with Javira and welcome every opportunity to continue our collaboration.”

polyhedra XL Main Menu

polyhedra XL ToyBox