Polyhedra is Today’s Appvent Calendar Game!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Polyhedra is the featured Appvent Calendar game for today (Dec. 7th)!

Johannes of Blacksmith Games informed us that we were the first developer to sign up for the promotion. We instantly thought this was an excellent idea and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be involved in such a great event. We just wanted to be involved in a promotion with other like-minded developers to help spread some holiday cheer this season. What better way to do that then to provide a free game a day for the run up to Christmas?

Please help us extend our sincerest thank you to Blacksmith Games for coordinating such a fantastic event. We would also like you to give your (unbelievable!) support to the other great developers that are participating in the promotion by downloading their games each day, checking out their website, and giving them a big thank you (or just saying Hi!) on Twitter or Facebook or the social networking flavor of your choice. :)

Happy Holidays, everyone! Thank you for making the Appvent Calendar such an overwhelming success!

— Everyone @ Binary Hammer