Major Bugs Fixed In Polyhedra v1.1.3

It has come to our attention (via an App Store reviewer in the US) that there are some major issues in v1.1.2 of Polyhedra. We have submitted v1.1.3 to the App Store that addresses these problems, but we wanted to describe them to you in a bit more detail.

The first problem that was fixed is certainly the most severe. Here is what the reviewer said about it:

The bug: for some reason, on the last zone, whenever I close the app and continue from where I left off, my score is added to the number of balls I have.

We have fixed this problem in a way that preserves you current save game data. The only work-around until the update is released is to not save your game while playing in the Medley Zone.

The next most severe issue that was fixed has to do with the fill percentage calculation. Here is what the same reviewer said about this:

While toying with my infinite lives, I tried filling the level with polygons as small as possible. This is where bug #2 showed up: the area of each polygon is rounded to the nearest percent, and the total area covered is just the sum of these numbers. I managed to fill about 95% of the screen, but it told me I had only filled 30% because most of the polygons were counted as zero.

Once again the reviewer is exactly correct. The calculation was erroneously rounding to the nearest whole percent. This was unintentional, but has some severe gameplay impact as the reviewer pointed out. Unfortunately, there is no work-around for this issue other than to make your shapes as large as you can.

We appreciate your patience while waiting for the v1.1.3 update to come online. We will certainly do everything we can to speed up the process.

We apologize for any inconvenience these gameplay issues have caused.

The Polyhedra Team @ Binary Hammer